Clip Point Knife Blade… Whats the big deal?!

So let's say you are buying your first knife. Your excited and open Google and realize you have millions of choices. Between different knife steels, grips, style of blade, and even the type of knife itself can cause you to go into panic mode. So we're here to help! In this blog, we are going to cover the primary type of blade style, clip point.

The style of blade is one of your most important factors, especially when picking out your first knife. One of the best styles out there for blades is the drop point style. This would be in my top 3 recommendations when picking a blade style for your first knife. But let me give you some of the basics of this blade style.

The clip point is very similar to the drop point. But gets its own classification due to a few key differences. Clip point blades have the appearance of having the forward third of the blade "clipped" off. The clip itself can be straight or concave.

The clip point can be subtle or very prominent in a blade. What is so great about this style blade is its useability and flexibility in handling a variety of tasks.

But where this blade excels is in a few things. Puncture is very easy with this blade, as the clip point aids in being able to puncture quickly and fast with less drag. This is ideal in many cases. Another big plus is the detail work you can do with this style blade is huge! It makes it a breeze for fine tunning anything you need to touch up with a knife. Lastly, this blade style is VERY controllable. Very easy to use and work with; this style will not disappoint.

Of course, these specific benefits come with one small drawback. The strength of the knife tip. This can also be largely affected by the type of steel used. But compared to a drop point, this style blade will have a weaker tip and be more likely to break compared to a drop point style.

None the less, this style blade is one of my favorites and is still incredibly strong, and lends itself to excel in a variety of scenarios! I highly recommend this blade style if you are a first-time knife buyer.

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-EDC Crate Team
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