Drop Point - The best blade style for your first knife!

So let's say you are buying your first knife. Your excited and open google and realize you have millions of choices. Between different knife steels, grips, style of blade, and even the type of knife itself can cause you to go into panic mode. So were here to help! In this blog, we are going to cover the primary type of blade style, drop point.

The style of blade is one of your most important factors, especially when picking out your first knife. One of the best styles out there for blades is the drop point style. This would be in my top 3 recommendations when picking a blade style for your first knife. But let me give you some of the basics of this blade style.

The best way to portray this is considering it a raised bend, which implies that the spine of the blade appears to "drop" towards the tip of the sharp edge where it meets the tip. This style is fundamentally the same as that of the clasp point, notwithstanding, this one has a more grounded tip, and is, in reality, less reasonable for cutting.

One of the most loved attributes about a drop point style is the long front line. This makes it an ideal shape for a good all-around blade style that is very versatile and strong in almost any situation. The tip is lowered, which makes it easier to control.

Another trademark that individuals love with this shape of the blade is that it has an enormous midsection, making cutting a breeze, and aiding in its strength and durability.

A sloping edge cutting edge is an excellent alternative for your ordinary, universally handy blade. Practically any circumstance that surfaces, you will be able to utilize this fantastic blade shape to your advantage. These are flexible cutting edges. They work incredible for a field blade; they work extraordinary in endurance circumstances; they work incredible for strategic situations.

Primary Advantages of a drop point style blade:

Long, continuous edge
  1. The tip is sufficiently sharp to perform meticulous work. 
  2. The tip is brought down, so you have strong control over it. 
  3. The slanted edge style makes slicing, cutting simple. 
  4. This is an overall blade that can perform most undertakings. 
  5. This is likewise an excellent blade for regular carry. 

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-EDC Crate Team 

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