The Tanto Style Blade

The style of blade is one of your most important factors, especially when picking out your EDC Knife. One of my personal favorite styles out there for blades is the tanto style. This would be in my top 3 recommendations when picking a blade style for your EDC knife.

The tanto style blade, you either love it or hate it. The rare do I find someone in a room that says, "ya it's okay," and for a good reason.

This style blade you can't mistake, very clear and pronounced. The blade almost looks chisel pointed with a flat, sharp bottom. The blade-style itself originates from Japan, where many master knife artists reside.

The most significant advantage to the Tanto blade is simple... STRENGTH! This blade style design caters to those who need to puncture hard materials, especially using the tip of the blade. This is a very strong, if not one of the most durable style blades out there. Pair this style blade with good quality steel, and you'll have one heck of a knife!

The tantos pommel is made from steel, which is also an added benefit. This allows the blade to absorb those massive strikes time and time again.

Where does the blade fall short, you might ask? Well, it depends... This style blade is directed towards very specific tasks. If you were to gut a deer with this style blade, I would pry advise you there are much better blade styles out there to be working with for that type of task. So this blade is catering to people that need it for a certain set of skills..;-) This blade just isn't as versatile as a drop point or clip point in terms of every day carry. But this style blade is a blast to have and be able to use. This style is one of the three main styles I use in my personal EDC. It may not be for everyone, but I have always enjoyed this style blade! I hope you do too!

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-EDC Crate Team
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