The Power Words: Thank You

The Power Words: Thank You

Why it's important to personalize it

You get invited to a swaray, or maybe a cigar lounge gathering, or an event at a neighborhood BBQ. You go, and you are offered food and drinks. You have a good time and go home. What next, you ask? This next step is what separates you from being a gentleman and being a loser. You compose a card to say thanks. Appears glaringly evident, isn't that so?

Growing up, I was taught to say thank you so many times people almost got annoyed by how much I said it. Even today, I find myself saying thank you five to ten times in the course of ordering food from a takeout place. I feel that the most powerful way to thank someone is through a handwritten card. This is especially true for events you're invited to and when you spend quality time with others.

You may reason that you don't need to thank everybody for everything. You may think that’s true for yourself, but it’s not. You should consistently thank people for gifts or hospitality, regardless of how pompous or apparently immaterial the gift or event is. Somebody took the time (and additionally cash) to get you something or thought of you enough to invite you to that coveted bonfire you've been wanting to go to. That individual thought of you.

On the off chance that you care about your notoriety and reputation, you can't neglect to send a card to express your gratitude. It is, all things considered, the one adequate time in the twenty-first century to clean off that old cardboard box of writing material and mail your letter as it was done in the good 'ol days, similar to how Grandma used to. A simple, meaningful thank you makes a big difference and goes a long way, even if it’s just a short note.

The Two Types of Thank You Letters

We should talk about easygoing plans—supper with a pal. When the check comes, he grabs the bill. It shouldn't make any difference if this person is your BFF or somebody you scarcely know; a basic "debt of gratitude is in order for supper" works. On the off chance that you wish to go the additional mile, since it's supper with your buddy and not Pope Francis, a subsequent note, email, or Facebook post (much else skirts on odd), not compulsory, is a pleasant signal.

How about we talk about extraordinary occasions—the wedding of companions you've known for some time. Each time you're together, everything they do is borderline sacred friendship level type of stuff. This type of thing especially calls for a thank you card to be sent out right away.

See an example below of how you can elevate your gratitude game. Note the difference of what not to do vs what you should do when writing your thank you card.

Dear Chewbacca,
Thank you for being awesome and for inviting me to your fun event.

Alright, so the above was kinda basic-bitch level… you can do a little better than that and make it a bit more personal. This way, that someone is really stunned and remembers that you care. Take a look at the new example below.

Dear Chewbacca,
Wow! Thank you so much for inviting me to the Death Star blowout event! I’m glad we were able to spend some comradery together and blow that bad boy up. That blaster rifle you gave me was rad. I really loved how good of a shot you were and having my back when that stormtrooper was shooting at me… Glad to have you on my side, bud! Thank you again and I am looking forward to more comradery events with you!
Your friend,

PS. Why do those stormtroopers suck so much at shooting? I think they shot at us like 100 times and missed every time.

Okay, so which one did you enjoy more? I think we can all agree that the second one was way more personal, and touched on the emotions more. This gave our pal Chewy an actual memory to place in his head and heart. I'm sure he would appreciate this type of thank you over the first one.

Always, always, always send a thank you card regardless of the event. In the event that you don't thank your buddy for supper, you may never see another invite. What's more, in the event that you don't thank a representative for his significant guidance over a fine steak or glass of scotch, you may kiss that future offer of guidance farewell.

I hope by now you see the importance of thank you cards, and the importance of just expressing the words thank you. Now you are on your way to becoming the modern gentleman you want to be!
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