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We wanted to flip the fragrance game on its F*&$%^g head. We studied the human anatomy and the body to understand the muscles and points in the body that interact with scents the most. We then took these spots and formulated unique blends of aromas that are statement-makers and work with your body to achieve maximum body appeal.

No Waste

All these brands trying to get you to spray fragrance out of a bottle. Not only do you waste 90% of the scent in the air, but most of the fragrance also doesn't reach and penetrate your skin, goes on your clothes, and ruins them. We use direct-on-skin applicators for maximum effect and application to the body. Unlike others, our scents are specifically formulated for this type of application using a proprietary blend ratio.

Bold And Daring

Packing A Punch

Our Scents last a LONG time. One application is good for 6-8 hours of smell. With direct application on your body, our scents will stick with you whether on a date, in the bedroom, or dominating the daily grind right by your side, and not be left floating in the air like the competition.

Best In The Biz

  • Cruelty Free

    No animals or humans were harmed during testing. (Maybe the founder. We test s$%t on him all the time #toughlove)

  • Premium Ingredients

    We sourced and looked for the best ingredients to put into our blends for maximum potency and quality, so you smell sexy.

  • Small Batch Made

    Small batch = higher QC

    Made meticulously with quality and potency in mind; our scents are nothing short of mastepieces.

  • Guaranteed Head Turners

    Disclaimer: Our scents are game-changers. You may, on occasion, have a stranger turn their head and ask you what your wearing or may try to come up and smell you. Our scents are that good.

  • "Highly sophisticated scents. Brings you into a complex and memorizing experience"

  • "Luxury level scents for a normal budget thats clean, sexy, unuiqe"

  • "The first brand that looked at the human muscles and designed scents to work with them- Amazing"

  • "Head-turning scents, easy carry bottles and easy application. Everything you could want in one bottle"

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