Scents curated and crafted meticulously for the person who is a statment maker. Inspired by things, places, people all around us, our scents will leave the crowd looking at you.

Don't Let The Name Fool You

The Billy Boys were nothing to be messed with back in the 1920s. The famously known Glasglow Gang was ruthless. This scent was inspired by their humble beginnings and sensationalism in the streets.

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Honey Badger Don't Give A Damn

For when you know you're the alpha of the pack. This scent lets everyone know who you are in the room. Let the scent do the talking for you.

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Lets Get Royal

Based on the Palace of Versailles in France, this fragrance is a walk in the past. An ode to the kings and queens of our past times. Palace Grounds is just that, filled with pleasantly light, fruity, and floral notes, followed by some calming undertones. You will feel like you are right there at the palace walking through the beautiful gardens.

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What A Plunderfull Life

Pirates, gunpowder, fire, burning wood, tobacco, smoke…The Blackbeard scent. Inspired by the pirating days of the past, this scent is the ultimate statement maker. Made to smell like Blackbeard just got out of a fiery gunslinger pirate scuffle himself, this scent has smells of a beautiful combination of the good old pirating days. One of our best sellers. This scent is sure to have you gunslinging in no time

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Back To The Future

Do you go at the speed of time throughout your day? This scent was inspired to help you stand out while doing that. As your moving throughout your day people will smell a hint of awesomeness that defines you.

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Date-Night With A Lumberjack

An ode to the hard-working American lumberjack. What does a lumberjack put on for a date night out of the woods, you might ask? Well our scent is it!

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The Name Says It All

Sexy and full of surprises. A masterpiece scent at its finest.

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A Battle Driven Warrior

Inspired after Napoleon Bonaparte, a beast on the battlefield, a gentleman is the throne room. This scent is a true champion.

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