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Inspired by the gun slinging, tobacco smoking pirates and the infamous Blackbeard himself. This scent is one of our masterpieces. Of all the scents in our armory, this scent was the hardest to study. Through years of curation and readings, we found the various smells you would have encountered while participating in the pirate ways of life. Make not mistake, like any of our scents, this can be worn by either male of female. This unique blend of aromas is sure to please anyone passing by you.
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Join the pirate life. We researched the S$*tout of the most notorious pirates of the 7 seas, Blackbeard. This scent is inspired by the very man himself. A sexy blend of intoxicating aromas, you'll be gunslinging in no time with the scent.

Scent Profile

Top notes of pink pepper, orange flower petals, clove oil to heighten your senses. Followed by intense and striking smells of chestnut, accord, guiac wood, cade oil, black licorice to but out the gunslinger in you. Finishing with the vanilla accord, Peru balsam, cashmere. A perfect everyday wear scent, as well as a scent for a night on the town to be a statement maker. This is Blackbeard.

When To Wear

Blackbeard is an incredibly unique and head-turning scent.
You can wear this scent in any season due to its high versatility and aroma blend that works well with any weather, allowing you to use it as an everyday scent. Wear it while you are hitting up the town with your crew. Behind the ears, neck and chest lines, and wrists are the best placement for this type of scent.


We studied the muscles in your body and designed scents with proprietary blends to specifically interact with your body. Please see the image on where you can place your scents on your body for maximum potency and absorbiton.