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Time Traveler

Time Traveler

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For someong needing a dependable, suble, clean scent to go with them as they move through time and ahead in their day. This scent is inspired to be balances and clean, crisp. A good everyday dependable scent.

Top note sstriking a strong hint of bergamot, pineapple, apple, with pushing middle notes of birch, white floral, green leafy floral, and balancing the last notes of patchouli, sweet white musk, guaiac wood.

Time Traveler is a scent that can be worn every day in any season. A good balance workhorse as you move through time and your day ahead of you.




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This could have been worn during the Billy Boys famous street battles, or during tuxedo filled nights in the ballroom. One of our bestselling scents, this is a scent that will go on for the ages. Unforgettable and distinguished wear, you will love this scent.

Scent Profile

This refreshing masculine type of fragrance gives a clean aroma of a nice cool shower. Fresh green note, exhilarating harmony of citrus fruits – bergamot, lemon, and lime, and invigorating peppermint make top notes of this beautiful fragrance. Herbal eucalyptus, blue aquamarine, blooming lavender florals, and a hint of rose petals make a strong body of this aroma, then it is followed by soft musk, soothing sandalwood, elegant leather, and subtle powdery base notes, which elongates this scent. 

When To Wear

Billy Boys is an incredibly unique and head-turning scent.
The best seasons to wear this scent are Spring, Summer, and Fall. This scent is highly versatile, allowing you to use it as an everyday scent, and wear it while you are hitting up the town with your crew. Behind the ears, neck and chest lines, and wrists are the best placement for this type of scent.


We studied the muscles in your body and designed scents with proprietary blends to specifically interact with your body. Please see the image on where you can place your scents on your body for maximum potency and absorbiton.